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DWG import to Archicad


Hello I am a long time user of Archicad but in recent years I have had issues with importing dwg files from consultants with lots of viewports / xrefs in the model space.

What ends up happening is instead of a viewport in the model space being shown (with only the cropped contents), the entire referenced dwg is shown. Since some plans have 30 or so viewports in the model space, this results in 30 dwgs all loaded on top of eachother which becomes an incomprehensible mess.


I am using Archicad 17, 18 and 19. I have Archicad 20 and 21 but they are do not support a couple of plugins I want to use, and both Archicad 20 and 21 have the same issue with dwg files.


I am using Autodesk DWG trueview to convert dwg's before loading in Archicad so I have access to more options with the export / import.

I have tried a lot of combinations between these files and they all result in same problem with the whole dwg being shown instead of the cropped contents of a viewport. Note in none of these tests have viewports come across, its always just an entire xrefed dwg.


I have tried importing in Archicad by opening the dwg, and merging the dwg. Having importing views "embedded" in the translator and not "embedded".

For DWG Trueview I have tried setting file references to "bind" and "insert" and not having them on at all.

I have also tried converting to different DWG types (2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2018).


What is the magical combination of settings that actually allows DWG's with viewports in model space with cropped contents to imported into Archicad?