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DWG's in general in AC


I'm working with DWG's as trace references, and I have a question: How come the DWG looks WAAY better

in DDSCadView than importet into AC? In the upper image, DDSCad is to the left, AC to the right. In the lower image, reversed.

2021-10-24_12-01-58.jpg2021-10-24_12-03-50.jpg I have played with every setting (I think) in the T&R menu, but either nothing happens, or it hides way more than I want to hide...  The DDSCad view is soo much "cleaner"...





Windows 10, Archicad 27

Have you tried turning off with a leading layers in the file that you're tracing from?

I typically end up opening up the CAD file and saving a new version with only the layers I want so that I don't have to deal with any of the access that I don't need

Or you could explode it and then just delete the layers you don't want that it imports


No, I haven't. I guess I'l give that a try. But I'm still wondering howcome it looks beautiful in DDSCad by default, and rather ugly in AC...


Thanx for the tips.




Windows 10, Archicad 27

What do you consider ugly in Archicad?

Take the lower images (Archicad on the left).


You can turn the background grid off.

You can turn off the reference nodes of the text (on-screen option).

The fills for the walls are different - you can change those.


Then I think they would be almost identical.




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