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Door, Window, Dimension line is being segmented

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Dear Archicad lovers,
I am having an issue with my DWG export. The DOOR, WINDOW & Dimension lines are exported as segmented lines. see fig -2 That is too wired. I used the available saving option (for example : convert objects to blocki, convert complex elements to block, etc) See fig -1
When I open the exported file full drawing show as a block. Than I need to explode the block. after exploding all hatch remain as individual lock. that is goo. But door, window and dimention are showing as exploded lines. I can't share this dwg file to other autocad user. That would be very problematic for them.

Can you please share your experience 0r solution regarding this issue . Here is the link for my archicad pln file adn exported dwg file.
Sincerely Avishiplu
Strange, that your provided file has all elements grouped as one block. You have to explode it to get into another blocks.

I cannot get the same result - all elements are saved as separate blocks.

Which version of ArchiCAD it is?