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Eliminating doors from door schedule

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The text below is a repst of a 2003 topic. I am a beginner at schedules. My questions are in RED below.

Eric_CSA wrote:
Can I eliminate windows from the window schedule in Archicad and not eliminate them from the drawing/model. I have existing windows that I want shown on the floor plans to be removed and I do not want them listed in the Schedule.

Karl responds:
I would not recommend the list schemes for window schedules, but perhaps Rod can tell us why he prefers that to the interactive schedules.

With the interactive (elements) schedules, you simply add a criterion to filter out the windows that you do not want. You'll find this discussed many times in older threads. The most common method is to set the ID for the windows to be excluded to blank, or to give them some kind of unique prefix/suffix. For example, if you add a criterion for ID <> "" then no windows with a blank ID field will be included. OK- I went into the door library part and eliminated the ID field. I went into the interactive schedule and set a new criteria to say Element ID is not " ". Just change the ID to blank in the Info Box ... or in the interactive schedule itself. It did not work and I don't know what the Info Box is.

Depending on your numbering system, you can use the Element ID Manager first to assign meaningful ID values to your windows first. I assigned values to the doors based on the Element ID Manager but was not able to eliminate the doors which had no ID's.

Of course, you can filter based on library part name and all kinds of other things as well if an ID-field solution doesn't do the trick. I don't understand at all.

It seems to me that the Element ID Manager should have capabilities to eliminate parameters much like the "Find and Select" on the menu bar. But, mine does not have that option. Is there a Goody I am missing?

Rather than filtering for NOTHING " " .. Put SOMETHING in the ID. For my schedules, I use *. Then in the CRITERIA, I schedule all doors (windows) with and ID that DOES NOT EQUAL *


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Stuart Atkinson
If you are filtering for nothing it should look like "", rather than " " - which is filtering for a 'space'.
Filtering for anything not "" works fine.

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