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Exporting Stories/Levels from Revit

  • Set the Revit Levels so that they are calculated from 0.
  • Prior to exporting an IFC file from Revit, make sure all additional structural levels (TOS, TOC, TOB, etc) are not set as Building Story. Secondly, add additional Levels to match the agreed level structure on the BEP and set these to be Building Story.
  • To turn off additional structural levels, open up a section/elevation view, then highlight the level you do not wish to export, and uncheck the Building Story option within the Properties dialogue.
  • Only the defined levels in the BEP should have the option Building Story checked.
  • Additional levels for Finish Floor Levels can be added without affecting geometry positions in Revit. To add additional levels to coordinate with ARCHICAD users, open up a section/elevation view and navigate to the Structure tab on the ribbon, followed by level.

As mentioned earlier, similar to the Stories/Levels – Real World (option2) defining an elevation value within Project Base Point will export the model to the real world Z height, provided that the Elevation option is checked within the GRAPHISOFT Revit Add-In.

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