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Expressions for use as autotext

Jan Vlach

So this is a question about property expressions:


First what I want to achieve:

Our local standards require us to document the height of an opening (be it a door or window) as XXXX (YYYY) where XXXX stands for the height of the opening and the YYYY is the distance between the floor and bottom of the opening. In the special case when YYYY is zero, it simply isn't written at all. Now, the way we deal with it at the moment is that we have two separate associated markers with corresponding auto texts plugged in. But if we change the height of the window and don't change the autotext, we are creating errors that are hard to spot and correct on large projects.
So what I want is to be able to create an expression that will write this sequence correctly each time. however I'm not able to figure it out. I was thinking that simple IFS would be able to do the trick, but so far, no luck:( Any suggestions?

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