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How To Turn The Time Off in 'Issued Date'

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Would like to know how to turn the time off in the "Issued Date" field from the index. Do not want the time to display, only the date.

Many thanks.

Ian C.
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This is set by your computer's short date format. Update this on your system and archicad should stamp it correctly.
You could also create a custom date field in the detail book settings scheme and then change the auto text in the revision history object.
Then you can set any time and date you like, including future or past dates.
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Thanks. Sorry about not replying sooner but did not have email notifications turned on.

The Short Date Format in the system settings is just the date. Does not have the time added. For some reason AC is adding the Short Time in this field as well.

See attached image. Need to turn the time off.

Ian C