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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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IFC Based OPEN BIM Workflow – Part 3

Emoke Csikos

Accessing and Displaying IFC Properties in ARCHICAD and BIMx

IFC Data in 2D Documentation – Labels, Markers and Zone Stamps

IFC Properties can be displayed in 2D views of the model in ARCHICAD: on floor plans, sections, elevations, etc. The main tools you can use for this are
  • Labels and
  • Zone Stamps.
The Label named Categories and Properties is designed to display all sorts of properties of any ARCHICAD element in 2D views and in 3D Documents. In the Settings dialog of the label you can finetune the content to be displayed. You can choose if you want to display only Categories or want to sort which Properties to show. You have several possibilities for displaying names, values or both. You can also group the displayed properties:
You can customize the way these data appear in the labels:

Search for IFC Properties – Find & Select

IFC Properties, Categories and other Properties can be used as searching criteria in the Find & Select function (Edit > Find & Select).

List IFC Properties – Interactive Schedules

IFC Properties can be listed in Interactive Schedules of Construction Elements. They can be used as sorting criteria in the Scheme Settings and their values can be displayed in the Schedule’s fields.

IFC Properties in BIMx Models

IFC Properties of elements and zones can be shown in BIMx models. All you need to do is to select an appropriate Schedule when defining the Info Set in the Publisher Set Properties dialog before you publish the BIMx Hyper-model.
Then when you view your model in BIMx you can display and check the previously saved data.

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