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IFC-Export: correct surface area of walls including openings not shown in components

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Dear Graphisoft-Team,

Im encountering the following problem:

Im exporting an IFC-Model to a AVA-Software (BuildUp) for Area calculations.

If I chose a Wall-Element in my IFC Viewer (FZK Viewer) or in the AVA-Software, I can select the "Conditional Surface Area on the Outside Face (See screenshot attached). This will give me the exact Value of the Walls including the subtration of the openings, as defined in AC22 ("Options > Project Preferences > Calculation Units & Rules Dialog, then Calculation Rules Dialog (“Reduce Wall surface by…”"). This is important for the calculation of surface areas in Germany ("VOB"-Rules)

Since I have a multi-layered wall, I need that value for each layer (e.g. Plaster Inside, Brickwork, Plaster Outside). Otherwise the calculation is not 100% correct.

If I try to choose the individual layer, it wouldnt show that particular dataset, but a lot less.
I guess, that has got something to do with the settings of the IFC-Export-Translator, or am I wrong?

Is it possible to export this dataset with the indivudual components of the wall as well?


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You could try one setting. I have not tried it myself, but it might work.
In the "IFC Translators" Dialog, activate the "Geometry Conversion Settings" Subdialog, and check the "Explode Composite and Complex Profile elements into parts" checkbox.
The see if this achieve what you are trying to do.
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Thanks for the reply, but this doesnt work, I already had the checkbox activated, otherwise I wouldnt have the individual layers in my IFC-Modell at all.

Im not quite sure about this, but how are you supposed to measure areas and surfaces correctly, if you have a multi-layered wall?


Maybe you should use the expressions and map them into a pset ?
Felipe Ribeiro Cunha

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thanks for that proposal.
Could you explain your approach a little bit further?

Would I have to work with the GDL-Objects itsself?

Or do I rather have to tell archicad to map those individual values into a pset of the layer?
If so, how do I do that? Im sorry, but I dont have any experiences with doing this.

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