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Hi guys,

Im having a bit of a problem.
After exporting an IFC model to be able to send it to engineers i realised that Archicad has predifined all the ifc element types on its own and named some of them in a quite confusing way. For example all the walls that i have created in the model are somehow called IfcWallStandardCase. The list goes on.

Naturally i get unnecessary questions when engineers try to open the models or import them to other software programs because its the IFCTYPE and not the archicad classification that they see next to each element in other programs.

This is the element option that i cannot edit...
Do you guys know what am i doing wrong ?
Thanks for anyhelp
Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

The IFC Type Attribute always has such a format: Walls - ifcWall, Doors - ifcDoor, Furnitures - ifcFurnishingElement, etc.

This is how the IFC file classifies elements. You cannot change the format of these classes, because it is just how it is in IFC, but there are 2 things you can do:
  • You can go to your IFC Export Translator, and and change the Type mapping. This is where you can choose what IFC Type should an element get based on their ARCHICAD classification. (e.g. Walls are classified as ifcWall by default, but you can map them to anything)
  • You can map the ARCHICAD classification to a new property, and use the property mapping in the Export Translator to map this to a custom IFC property.
If you check the default mapping though, you will see that walls are actually mapped to be ifcWall type, but in the picture it still says ifcWallStandardCase. This is because if you export an element as a generic BREP geoemtry, it will be classified as ifcWall, but if you export them as extruded elements (so their geometry is properly defined by an extrusion), it will be a standard case wall, and thus classified as such. This is also something you cannot change, the only thing you could do to avoid this is exporting these walls as BREP instead of extruded geometries.

I hope this answers your question. Let me know if it was not clear or I missed something.

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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Hi!! I'm having a similar problem, but in my case (in the same exported IFC) some walls are IFCWall and some are IFcWallStandardCase. The doors with basic or composite structure are the ones that appear as IFCWallStandardCase. The Complex Profile Walls are the ones that appear as IFcWalls. All walls are classified as "Walls", so I can't really change in the translator, because it says all "Walls" are IFCWall.


The main problem is that, when opening the IFC in Revit, some windows and doors don't show up. And 99% of the ones that don't appeear are located in the complex profile walls. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not.


Could you help me? Thank you!

@rnossanai Rather than post a different question at the end of a 3 year old topic... please start a new topic for this question 🙂


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