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IFC Translator Conversion Settings for IFC Export


Geometry Conversion Methodology

What is BREP?

BREP is short for Boundary Representation. A BREP reproduces the precise geometry when exporting IFC files. BREP geometries will include Solid Element Operations, Trims, Crops, etc from the ARCHICAD model.

Limitations of BREP

  • Non editable elements (object based)
  • Some parameters are lost

Example of an ARCHICAD IFC exported as BREP (Revit 2016).


Extruded/Revolved Geometries

Example of an ARCHICAD IFC exported as Extruded/Revolved geometries (Revit 2016). With the extruded/revolved geometry method, elements edited with Solid Element Operations will be exported according to their original definition geometry – as for example on this image.


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