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.IFC gets wrong date after unzipping .ifczip

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I don't know if this is a bug, but when I create a .ifczip file and unzip it afterwards, the date shifts one month in the future! So a ifczip file made on 12 march 2018 gets the date 12 april 2018 after unzipping. The file was tested running Windows and MacOS. Our contractor has problems importing the unzipped ifc file in Autocad 2018. Solibri opens the file without problems.
Has this happened to anyone else?


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AutoCAD does not open IFC files
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Hi Scott,

Autocad Architecture 2018 does import .ifc. Sorry I didn't made that clear in my initial post. But the problem of the changed date remains.

Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hello Peter van der Elst,

I tested saving an IFCzip file from ARCHICAD, and then opening it in Solibri, and the TIME_STAMP value shows the correct time and date for me.

Is that the value you are looking at too? Could you send me a screenshot of the value that seems wrong to you? (please check it in Solibri)

Also, You mention unpacking the IFCzip file. I can just open IFCzip as I would do with regular IFC files. Why do you unzip it? What tool are you using to unzip it? (maybe that conversion sets the wrong date?)

Also, does this happen with other files as well? If it only happens to this file, and (as you say) it happens on multiple computers, then the file may be faulty. Could you send it over to me in a Private Message, so that we can take a look into it? (try to reproduce it ourselves)

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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