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Importing Surveyor's dwg with 3D mesh into ArchiCAD

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Hi All,

The surveyor has sent us a dwg file which is supposed to have the 3D contour mesh inside it.
There is no xyz file.

I have tried placing the dwg into archicad by file/ external content/ place external drawing but it appears as a 2D file.
Image attached

If I open the dwg file directly with archicad, it opens as a line drawing with the Survey_3D mesh but the lines are just in 2D.
There is no 3D mesh visible.

Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Usually we have smaller sites and create a site specific mesh off the surveyors PDF.
But off late, the surveyors have been sending over the 3D site mesh of really large areas liek parks etc.

Thanks in advance.

Try opening from 3D window. It should convert to an object I think. An object is not that useful though, not without anything to snap on to.
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Thanks for that.

I did open it as an object in the 3D window and got the contour mesh.
Seems to work for this project.

However there is another surveyor's dwg file which just wont work.
One of the layers in the dwg is switched off. Not sure if thats the problem.

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