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Keynote Manager - Total Keynoyes vs Cadimage's Keynote Manag

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Good morning,
first I have to disappoint all who are looking for a detailed review. I am looking for the same.
I am trying to to find our which one of the above mentioned options are the better fit.
We used to use an earlier version of Cadimage's Keynote Manager with AC 11, but stopped using Archicad for Construction Documents for quite a while (whole different topic). Now we are back on AC15 (hopefully 16 soon, if it finally starts shipping), and I am looking for a good solution. From what I have read so far here are my pros and cons, hoping some of you have some more experience.

Total Keynotes by MasterScript

- Price
- Simple Interface
- Seems to me like the actual keynote bubble is highly customizable

- can't display a list of keynotes per sheet (only the ones used on a particular sheet)

Cadimage's Keynote Manager
- Can display keynote list of keynotes placed on sheet only
- management of keynotes through excel (I am assuming this is still the same as in the older version for AC 11, which worked great for us)

- High Price
- Keynote bubble/label does not seem to be very easily customizable, very limited options.

Hopefully some of you (I am sure) have used either one of the above already and can give some useful input.


Erika Epstein
Since ATA is on windows, you can also look at the new especs for Archicad. There are tutorials on you tube.
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"Implementing Successful Building Information Modeling"

I am a heavy duty Cadimage Keynote user and have looked at Masterscript's you tube video. The label does offer a lot of options some of which might suit you. What is not clear is how it presents the keynote details on the layouts. Total Keynotes seems to list ALL notes or one has to manually select the applicable notes for each layout.

Cadimage Keynotes selects ONLY those notes that apply to the layout. Since layouts are often finalised created towards the end of a project when everything is being assembled, it is a huge advantage to know that only relevant notes appear on each drawing and that this does not have to be done manually. Builders hate irrelevant notes on drawings. If the job is very small it probably isn't an issue.
Cornelis (Kees) Wegman

cornelis wegman architects
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