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List of wall composites

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I'm struggling with composite schedule in wall. I created some composites but when I schedule them by Buiding material/Composite/Profile -> Name -> Thickness there are missing a lot of materials form created composites. For example I think that list shows only material for outside to de midle line of the wall, then exclude double materials (gypsum borad) etc.

What I'm doing wrong?

Hi, anyone had any luck list composites for type of wall instead of sum of walls?
Archicad 7 - 24, HP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation, Win 10


The same thing here. I'm just trying to put the same composite structure as it is in the composite editor (by the order and structure), but the program have very bad planned behavior.

For those who are saying to not to use "merge items" or "keep it merged, is ok", I don't see what's your point. If you can't solve and help this guy, then keep it as suggestion, and try to improve the next version. Which apparently doesn't happen. 

Just keep in mind that those drawings and schedule are going to the construction site, and worker needs to read them as easiest as possible. That's the point of BIM not just to spill out some data from software. So if you have the concrete block, and mortar from both sides, your schedule will spill out: 1. block, 2.mortar, and that's it. Instead of 1/mortar, 2/block, 3/mortar.

And one telling to create 2 different materials as a workaround. Really, for that I would rather do it by hand...  Sorry if I have been harsh with my answer, and although this forum is great source of help and knowledge, some answers are simply just taking the limits. 


Has anyone found a solution (I mean no workabounds with side 1 and side2)? I´m struggling with the same problem. I just want a listing of the skins of the composite, regardless of the number of times this wall has ben used.

This is a major problem in archicad. It is very annoying  that you cannot see the correct order of the skins, when they have the same material.

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