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New tutorial: import IFC and DWG manufacturer components

Eric Bobrow
New #ArchiCAD tutorial video: import manufacturer components from IFC or DWG + use Morph tool to smooth it!

Hi ArchiColleagues -

Today I created another detailed video lesson for my comprehensive ArchiCAD training: the Best Practices Course.

This 35 minute tutorial contains important information that I'd like to share with the larger ArchiCAD community, so I posted it on my ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube channel so that everyone has access to it.

In this video you'll learn how easy it is to import manufacturer components as 3D library parts.

ArchiCAD Tutorial | How to Import 3D Objects from IFC and DWG files

3D BIM objects are becoming more widely available in IFC and DWG formats from many websites. They allow you to place highly accurate representations of actual real world equipment and furniture into your ArchiCAD models.

ArchiCAD 16 makes this an easy process. You can import IFC files directly using the File menu > File Special > Merge command, which will create a new library part and immediately place it.

If the 2D symbol or the 3D object appears faceted (due to curved or detailed surface models), you may use the Design menu > Convert Selection to Morph(s) command, then adjust the Morph settings to make the edges "Soft". This will easily make both the 2D plan view and the 3D window (and Elevation) views much cleaner.

A similar process may be followed to import a DWG file using the File menu > Libraries and Objects > Open Object command.

In this video I also show you how to add Listing parameters to these new objects for your Schedules by changing the Object Subtype from Model Element to a more specific type of element.

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Eric Bobrow
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