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Object parameters

Vladislav V

Hello, I have a question, can I somehow import the parameters of the object that I created into the property manager to create formulas using these parameters?
For example, I need to create a table and in this table I need to multiply the number of apartments by the living area, total area, etc. This area is the parameter of this object.


Object parameters aren't available to properties unfortunately.


However if you have access to the gdl script of your object and they aren't using the 'A' parameter then you could write your area value to that. The properties can read the 'A' parameter.


Alternatively you could use a different element (zones or fills or slabs) for your area and the implement properties over that.


*Edit - Or schedules, you can schedule objects parameters if that helps.


Not 100% on what you're trying to achieve here though.


Good luck.

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Thank you!