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PLN to DWG exchange differs line types, label alignment

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Hi all. When I save/translate pln to dwg format I notice those incompatibilities: missing custom linetypes and fonts.

I know that there was several discussion on similar topic, but I couldn't find hint and answer. First of all I created some custom lines in Archicad, and AutoCAD just ignore them. I found this topic
But I don't know programming, and how would I translate my lines into the symbols. They are created form small other lines. I am sending picture with both AC and AutoCAD preview.
1 issue - missing line representing grass
2 issue - missing line representing soil/rock
3 issue - exploded alignment of ArchiCAD label

Is there any way how to solve this?

Two more annoying things, that I didn't mention above are:
1. Different font exchange. For example in AC I'm using Arial narrow (standard font) and in AutoCAD it become Arial regular. But in some segments it changes, and in other it doesn't. I noticed that in Zone stamp always change fonts.
2. Is there any way to export transparency of the fills in AutoCAD. No mercy for transparent and gradient fills

In advance thank you

P.S. can't upload picture so here is the link
Erwin Edel
Just checked my DWG exports, the symbol linetype that I use for fire ratings does export, but it looks incorrect in DWG. So there might be some issues. This is an ArchiCAD20 project.

I just send PDF (for how things should look) and DWG if requested (for the model 'as is'). The only companies still using this are typically small MEP firms, who don't require a perfect 1:1 conversion of every font and line type.

I doubt you will find many programs that do perfect conversions to other formats.

We have a pen conversion table (courtesy of our awesome reseller), that converts to some standard of pen numbers which should give correct pen weight, because DWG doesn't do built in pen weight (as far as I know, I haven't used AutoCAD since 2003), so at least that part of the drawing should look fine, provided the receiving end knows the standard and is using it.

You can also set up font translation tables, layer conversions, line types, etc etc I think some of them require you to have some sort of template DWG though.
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Erwin wrote:
You can also set up font translation tables, layer conversions, line types, etc etc I think some of them require you to have some sort of template DWG though.

Yes I know about this but I have never tried this before. I'll give it a chance. If you know some topic about this send me a link.

The biggest problem about custom symbol line is that you must translate it in ASCII format, which means you must type some characters and signs. Mine lines are more technical, made from shapes and lines, not form letters and signs. Then you can save autoCAD template file and use it in Translator.

I know that dwg isn't native program for ArchiCAD, but like most of us, architects we don't want to see our drawings exploded and totaly messed in MEP phases So I want to make everything looks pretty same both in pln and dwg.

Erwin, thank you for replying.
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