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Publish only visible Layers in a Linked Xref drawing


As a continuation from my last post, I have also a problem with layers in a published DWG. Or to be more specific, when I publish a layout as a DWG with the Drawings as an xref (Place Drawing into: Linked Xref drawings).


Normally, the DWG Translator allows me to publish only the visible layers, but it does not seem to be affecting the drawings that are published as xrefs in a DWG. Not the external drawings, but the "internal" drawings from the same Archicad file. Archicad just publishes all the layers in these DWGs. The DWG with the Layout/Paper space has no problems stripping the unused/hidden layers.


Is the only option to open each such "xref" DWG separately and manually purge unused layers or is there some hidden setting in the Translator that I've missed?