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Publishing layout to DWG: survey point and revision markers


I encountered an issue trying to publish a layout containing a site plan drawing to DWG.


I’ve moved the Archicad’s Survey Point to a known location that’s different from the project origin. I’ve placed a site plan drawing on a layout and created a publishing set for it. I’ve also created a new DWG translator that should match file’s origin with the survey point.


However, the origin of the published DWG matches the project origin – not the survey point. It doesn’t matter if I’ve set the translator to save layout into paper space with cropped or full view’s content or to place drawings into single file or linked XREF drawings.


If I choose to publish the site plan view directly to DWG, the origin is set correctly to the survey point. This is however not what I want, because it’s important that the information on the layout (for example, project, drawing and revision information) is included in the resulting DWG file.


I’ve also had another issue that I think is linked to the previous one:


I’ve set a change marker to show a layout’s revision id (<REVISIONID>) instead of the default change id. I’ve made changes, created markers, a layout and a publishing set and then trying to publish the layout to a dwg file.


The issue is that the text of the change marker in the DWG file is displayed as “#RevID” – not the actual revision id (for example “01”).


If I set the DWG translator to save layout into paper space with drawings as blocks or model space, revision ids are displayed correctly. This is however not what I want, because with these methods drawings on the layout are saved in layout’s drawing units.


What I’d like to happen is that Archicad populates the actual revision ids in revision markers on the drawings in the model space of the DWG file.


Both these issues are connected to how Archicad deals with drawings on a layout when publishing a DWG file. These are also prime examples, where we see the long history and development of Archicad to become a disadvantage: the internal structure and underlaying technologies aren’t keeping up with the new features and needs.


My intention here is to bring these issues and user needs to the attention of Graphisoft and to hear if we could see some improvements fixing these issues in the future. Or is there something I missed, and the issues could be solved?


Having the same issue with DWG not reading the survey point in model space when publishing a layout. Any updates?

Sorry, but no, haven’t found any solutions. Yet another half-baked feature. Our local Archicad partner sent also this wish to Graphisoft. Given how responsive Graphisoft is to user wishes, not expecting much though.

Rubia Torres

Hi @vlahtinen and @MSDC,

Here is what I could collect regarding this issue/workflow with Survey Point in DWG exported files:

1) When exporting from Layout with "Save Layout intoPaper Space with Cropped View's Content or Paper Space with Full View's Content" translator options, the Survey Point/Project Origin export works as intended.

The problem is that on the Archicad Layout there can be any number of Drawings from different stories and there is no way to export the content into the DWG Model Space as in Archicad, because there is only one model space in the DWG.

The DWG Addon's logic is to export each Drawings content into different parts of the DWG's Model Space.

2) A possible solution:
The only export workflow where the Origin could be exported for multiple drawings as in Archicad is the "Place Drawings Into: Linked Xref Drawings", but in this export workflow the "Match File's Origin: with Survey Point" functionality is not implemented for the host file.

Using this option for each Drawing a separate DWG file will be created, and these separate dwg files will be externally referenced into the main host DWG file. It is important to note that using this workflow only the external reference files will have the correct origin (matched to the Survey Point) and not the host DWG file, for the reason explained in the first point.

Proposed workflow:
a. Create Layout in Archicad and place 2 Drawings on it from 2 different stories.
b. Export the Layout to DWG with the following translator settings:
"Save Layout into: Paper Space with Cropped View's Content"
"Place Drawings Into: Linked Xref Drawings"
"Match File's Origin" to "with Survey Point"
c. In the save location will be:

  • a "host" DWG file with the name that you set on the Save dialog;
  • a "Xrefed ARCHICAD views" folder that contains the external dwg. files, one for every Archicad drawing.

The "host" DWG file will contain the exported Layout and in the Model space the referenced external drawings.

Does my answer clarify the logic of the translation to DWG? Let me know your thoughts.

With regards to your second issue, it seems to be a bug. We could reproduce it and the issue has been entered in the system (DEF-11744) for a fix.


Best regards,

Rubia Torres

Community Specialist | GRAPHISOFT SE
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It may be prudent to re-evaluate the need for this workflow method with the increasing trend of BIM model exchanges (and teamwork environments).  In the last five years, all my contractual consultants (including our civil engineers) and contractors asked for 3d model exchanges.

As far as 2D methodology, I have worked with dozens of existing (owner) site surveys and floor plate 2D DWGs over the years.  I dropped them into the AC model space (especially before Worksheets were available) to make up a properly 'stacked' set of plates on the site (utilizing Trace).  Similarly, one can export these back out in views, or, in my case, replace the 2D linework with 3D elements and create stacked PDF layouts for reference.  

Depending on the ultimate deliverables to come from the survey point exchange, it may be you can leverage the BIM technology features and trends with your partners and reduce 2D vector file exchanges.  I've found in my/our work significant time reduction by working with model exchanges.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” - Abraham Lincoln

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Thanks for explaining the method. 


We tried exporting the single layout from Archicad to CAD, using proposed workflow, but still we are getting origin point in CAD not matching with Surveypoint in Archicad. 


We are using Archicad 26. Please review attached screenshot also i have posted PLN file with just one layout in it.

Thanks again for looking in to this issue.

Surveypoint in CAD Export Issue.jpg

The explained method is not working for me. I tried in AC25 and AC26 with a new file based on the INT template.


arch. ernest atanasiu
AC 10-26 INT/GER/FR on Win 10/ Win 11
Rubia Torres

Hi @Ernest Atanasiu and @amitchristian,


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. As per the limitations of the DWG environment, it is not possible to export multiple layouts and have the drawings placed on model space with the same reference point, because, differently from BIM software, the drawings would not be legible stacked upon each other.

However, I understand that you insist on having the drawing of the layout export to DWG consistently positioned with reference to the Survey Point - which would make sense on single layout export only. We have had a similar request on a support case recently, which has been entered as a wish under IDEA-12485. Batch export of multiple layouts with drawings referenced to the Survey Point is not viable for the reason explained above, unless if you opt for placing drawings into linked xref files.

I hope we have improvements in this workflow soon, however, within the DWG limitations.



Rubia Torres

Community Specialist | GRAPHISOFT SE
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Thank you for the clarification.

You are suggesting that placing the drawings into linked xref files should work but I could not replicate the result. No matter how I match the file's origin, it still keeps the origin at 0,0 (archicad file origin = dwg origin) 

In understand the reason for the limitations. However, when saving Xrefed archicad views, it should work with real-world coordinates based on the survey point, at least for views originated from stories plans. Having the option to match the file's origin with the survey point is useless since there is no way to use it.

In the Workflow Series Guide for the Native Survey Point there is a dedicated page for exporting to DWG with correct coordinates. 




arch. ernest atanasiu
AC 10-26 INT/GER/FR on Win 10/ Win 11

Hi @Ernest Atanasiu,


Well, exporting views to DWG should have Survey Point as reference. Could you please guide me through your step-by-step and Archicad version?
(a video recording would be even better, if suitable)



Rubia Torres

Community Specialist | GRAPHISOFT SE
Need help refining your Archicad skills?
Check our Modeling knowledge base for the best workflow + tips&tricks!