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Relation of object parameters.

Vladislav V

Hello! Is it possible to somehow link the same parameters of gdl objects, that is, so that when the parameter of one object changes, the value of this parameter also changes to the same value in another object?



Sadly: no.

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This is not possible with common GDL objects.

However, the parameters of multiple GDL objects can be changed by using MVO objects and LIBRARYGLOBAL functions.

Please refer to the following.

Happy if it serves your purpose.


@Vladislav V You can use the MVO option as suggested, BUT unfortunately this doesn't fix the values across the project. If you change to a different MVO setting your parameter values will initially reset to the program MVO DEFAULT value. I use this MVO setting process for specialist work and have only one MVO setting in my project. If I had several MVO settings I risk the parameters being wrong or changed.

Just my observations, the MVO option may still be a good solution depending on what you want to control.

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Vladislav V

Thank you very much! I'll try MVO objects.

MVO (Library Globals) work fine but there are two things you should know/do.


One is to build into each object an option to override the MVO settings, so you can manually set a value in the object itself.

Just so you have the option of using the MVO value or not.

If this at is not important and you will always 100% of the time use the MVO value, then there is no need.


The other is that you will need to set that MVO value in every MVO combination (scheme) that matters.

Otherwise you may have some views where the value is set correctly, and others where it is not - as DGSketcher mentioned.

If you always use views from the view map and your MVO schemes are set correctly, then there should be no problem.


Also remember that changing the value an an MVO combination will change it instantly for all views using that MVO combination.

There is no APPLY button in MVO settings, so any change you make will stick as soon as you say OK.

So if you want to simply see the effects of an MVO setting on screen, you have to set up a 'dummy' MVO combination and use that (your views using the correct MVO will not be affected).

Or you have to change an actual (used) MVO combination and then remember to change it back afterwards if you don't want to keep that setting.




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Thank you for such a detailed description.

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