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Hello Everybody,
I have a big issues when i try to schedule doors filtering by Zone Category or Zone Name or Zone Number. Simply it look like there are not any doors inside of that zone. For example:
My zone category is "High School" that include all spaces. I have another one called "Ceiling" that I use to create separated ceiling with Interior Wizard.
If I use "high school" as parameter when I schedule simply it does not works, but If I use "Ceiling" it work perfectly!
Otherwise If I use ID door as filter, I get all the door that I need.
Could you help me? I don't know if the problem is overlap two or more zones.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, this is a problem of zones overlapping. Was conversation about it - as this is a bug. But I'm not sure it was fixed.

I had very similar problem, when I had zones for each room, but also needed to show gross area of apartment. I solved the problem very simple - I exploded my gross area zones into fills. You still can schedule fills areas and on the drawing it do look similar as it would be zone.

AFAIK the issue stems for the the fact that the object will only record a total of 2 zones and you don't have direct control over which zones it records. So if you have more then 3 zones in the same area as the door then you will have some problems. My suggestion would be to turn the ceiling zone of (using layers) for the generation of the schedule, then you know the door wont record that zone which will leaving open to recording the zone you want it to.

As I said, the door picks up 2 zones and this is so you can select whether the door belongs to the zone it opens into or the zone it opens from. This is done using the a checkbox provided in the objects paramters, usually under "Parameters for Listing" and used to be called "Door belongs to zone into which it opens", I don't have AC24 open to see what it is called now. This is the only selection you function you have so remember to make sure you turn off unnecessary zones so you object picks up the correct ones.
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