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Saving IFC Files From the Plan Window via a publisher set

Is it possible to force AC to save IFC files from the plan window that save elements of the entire building when using a Publisher Set to automate the task. The project is subdivided into 7 files based on element types.


I can do this manually for the whole building, but want to run this at night.

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Mahmoud Qenawi

Hi @Aaron Bourgoin , you can try to make all floors marquee around the whole project and save as IFC, i do for quick DWG save.

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Thanks Mahmood, I don't think the Marquee will help. I can Crete 3D views to automate the procedure, but thought I should be able to do the same thing from the plan window. I have 7 files to Crete each time and want to do this unattended.

Think Like a Spec Writer

AC4.55 through 26 / USA AC25-6000 USA

Rhino 7 Mac

MacOS 12.6.5


You may add your 3D views which generate the IFC's to a publisher set directly from the view map, using the Organizer. I always have my IFC's as part of a publisher set.


I'm not sure I understood the issue regarding saving elements of the entire building, you're able to configure your 3D view to show specifically what you intend to save.

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