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Sharefile by Citrix or Managed VPN with Meraki?

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We're looking to share archicad files and all the other files that go along with doing architecture between remote offices... We've never actually set up BIM server and I'm sure it is great but other than the distance we just don't really have the need for it... Plus there are a lot of other files that we need to share that aren't project files...

We've looked at Sharefile by Citrix which in kind of dumbed down terms is a much better version of Dropbox and Meraki which is a managed hardware VPN and is supposed to be better/faster than regular VPN.

If anyone has any experience with these or another option I'd love to hear about it...

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Hi Steve,

We use Citrix Xen desktop with Citrix receiver on the remote computer (remote desktop sharing but more advanced) for the few people who work at home on odd occasions. Varying from use with MS office, to autocad, archicad, 3d max including vray and adobe software.

We have very little problems with all software. If any..... Actually the only one problem we have is with Archicad funnily enough. When you open a 3D model within archicad, its very erratic to walk/navigate around the model, to the point were it is physically impossible. Basically I think the mouse pointer jumps around causing the navigation to go the speed of light (hehehe). Orbiting the model is fine, you just can't walk around the model. All other programs mentioned above are fine in terms of their navigation, orbit & panning.

The IT guys have to do a bit of setting up on the server side of things. (including setting up a ssl certificate) Not sure what this involves but im sure your IT admin will sort it.

So, we install Xen desktop on office computer that we want to access from remote location. Which means the computer within the office which you want to connect to has to remain powered on. Then from remote computer you installed Citrix Receiver. After this, its a case of logging on to the office computer via a webpage address.

As long as both computers run a similar size resolution ( 1 screen only) everything looks crisp and responds very quickly. (the obvious problems running a low resolution at work then in remote location trying to run on a large resolution. It either ends up being very small on screen or very pixelated when the program fits it to screen.

Overall a very good program and is very popular within our interior design office for all our interior designers, technicians and 3D visualisers.

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