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(Some) Missing 3D Previews in window schedule

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I created my window schedule in Archicad 15 and did not have any missing preview pictures in my window schedule. I brought it up to 16 about a week ago and now four of my preview images are missing from the window schedule. I checked, and they still show on the plan, on the active elevation windows, and in the 3D window. I've searched the forum with no luck on finding anyone who's had the same issue.

It also won't let me into the preview picture pane to do any annotation (like maybe paste a 2D line drawing), even though the window layer is on and I can select the window in plan view or 3D from the window schedule (those options are not grayed out like they sometimes can be if the layer is off).

Jeez, isn't there anyone out there who can help me out?

wndw screen shot.jpg
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Can't someone offer a solution? I've gotten absolutely no response and have had no luck fixing it myself! HELP!!!!! I'm going to keep posting to promote myself to the top of the forum for schedules until somebody replies with some help! Yes, that was a threat...
Karl Ottenstein
I've had the same issue. No idea what the problem is. Have you contacted tech support?
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