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About model and data exchange with 3rd party solutions: Revit, Solibri, dRofus, Bluebeam, structural analysis solutions, and IFC, BCF and DXF/DWG-based exchange, etc.

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.DWG Line Export Problems

I have been having a bunch of problems with .dwg export, specifically with lines not cleaning up. Lately I have been trying to export "core only" to our structural engineers (due to some columns floating in walls beyond the core), and I have noticed ...

EXPORT IFC - Problem with IfcType

Hi I try to export a slab and a door but the destination software does not recognize them. -In the case of the DOOR I found that in IFC PROPERTIES the IFC Type variable does not contain the IfcDoor value. It has the value IfcBuildingElementProxi (?) ...

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Expression question

Hi, I was just asked if it's possible to create a schedule for those zones that accomodates X number of objects. The schedule should show the X objects for the zones with X objects. I can make an expression "no of objects" and use it to filter out al...

Errors in energy model

Hi, I am trying to use the archicad as a modelling tool for gbxml export but I have a problem: When the walls touch in T shape then there are holes in energy model: Any way to solve this?

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Creality Ender 3 Pro - STL files and Archicad

My lovely wife gave me an Ender 3 Pro from Creality. A 3D printer. I've been "LOVIN" it every moment I've had it. I'm trying to create a 3d STL file from an Archicad PLN file. I use the 3d view, export out to STL but when I open it up in Cura (the so...

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Editing drawing lists

Hi, Does anybody know how to remove certain drawings from a pre-set / automatically made drawing list? Deleting certain cells is not possible, as far as I can see. I appreciate any help.

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