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About model and data exchange with 3rd party solutions: Revit, Solibri, dRofus, Bluebeam, structural analysis solutions, and IFC, BCF and DXF/DWG-based exchange, etc.

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Openings in IFC

Hi, I am still not a user of AC23, therefore I am going to ask a question concerning openings in slabs in AC22. No matter if a create an opening (substraction of Slab geometry) in an IfcSlab or an IfcCoering Type CEILING, I always get the Name of tha...

agroni by Booster
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pb export to stp or iges or xt

hy users ! I am not an archicad user ! I built my house and the architect gave me the 3d files (pln and bpn). Version 12 ! I don't know what these files are. I am a mechanical designer and I work on TOPSOLID or solidworks. Could someone export me to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Opening GDL in Rhino 6

As far as I can see, the GDL Converter for Rhino is non existent for Rhino 6. So how does one open GDL objects in Rhino 6? I am not speaking about grasshopper, but just plain custom made gdl objects. Thanks 

Fills conversion into dwg - AC 21 vs AC 23

Hi! Recently I did upgrade from AC 21 to AC 23. In AC 21 fills conversion from pl to dwg did worp perfectly. But when I used same settings for AC 23, all fills are black. Does it mean that in AC 23 I need manually set up Fills hatch conversion for ea...

HannesL by Participant
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Data values from custom zone properties don't show on schedules after upgrade AC file version

Hello, I created some properties and values for zones that were created in AC22 and the data and values worked perfectly on schedules. After updating the file from AC22 to AC23 the properties continue to appear in the property manager and in the zone...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Include Calculations

So, first: Thank you all for the help you have unwittingly given me over the years (since I taught myself how to use AC 6!). I have never needed to ask an open question before because I am never the only one with a problem. Now to the question: I hav...

Properties Missing

In the expression tab there are several listing parameters of the skylight element that are missing. On the contrary the parameters are availalble for schedules. I upload a photo because the menu is closing when I try to use the snipping tool from wi...

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