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cadimage roof tool

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hi guysi have placed a roof which in roof plan shows the roof to be perfect, but in elevation and 3d it isnt. does anyone know what im doing wrong.
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heres the elevation with the roof mistake.
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Some of the edges to each roof section may not be correct and may need to be edited.

Select one section of the roof cladding, not the roof itself, open the Roof Builder tool and select edit edges.

Here you can select each edge of that section of roofing and tell it what it should be, such as ridge, gutter, valley, etc.

Repeat this with each roofing section.

The roof can look okay in the plan view, but not okay in 3D or elevation unless the edges are correct.

Ian c
The hip flashing is not being applied correctly. This is a known bug in one of the Cadimage hotfixes. I had the same problem so reinstalled the original version of the tool and it was fine. The very latest hotfix that cadimage has released has addressed this problem. Check you have the latest hotfix. Otherwise get in touch with Cadimage support.
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cheers mate, i only got it last month, i will contact them.