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creating a vector file of a rendered image

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I have created an image in Archicad 17 that I want to use for a logo. It is a simple gable end that I rendered with the sketch engine. Why am I limited in the files I can save as? I am told that I need to save it as an EPS, SVG or DWG in order to convert it to a vector file. I am also told that when it is rendered it is being converted from vector art to raster art and that is why it is limited in the ways it can be saved. Frankly, they are speaking a language I don't understand but I am wondering if there is a work around. I am told that the reason we need a vector file is so we can manipulate the size of the logo without any loss of integrity particularly for web sites and other on screen applications.
Thank you for any help.
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When you render a file it is converted from vector information to a bitmap file.

To achieve what you are after (a sketch representation of your CAD vector file) in ArchiCAD you will need to export your view from the 3D window and save as 2dline type file and re-import this into a view and manually edit the file from here to represent the rendered image. You will need to create some line types that represent the sketch linetypes, extend lines to cross, and manually hatch for shadows. You can then save this as a pdf which will be vector and therefore scale independent.

You can also achieve this effect in adobe illustrator or other vector drawing programs, probably best left to a graphic designer who uses these programs every day.

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Thanks- Scott. I will give it a try.
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