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importing txt file from surveyor related problem

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Hi all,
I have a simple question related to the phase when you import a surveyor txt file to Archicad.
When I import a txt file, Archicad always joins outer points of the mesh together creating a weird shape which I have to remove point-by-point.
While for small project it could be done in few minutes, for large areas with a lot of points this is time-consuming.
Is there any way to avoid this?

Please see attached file with a floor plan and a perspective vie of a section of a mountain. The portion of the survey is thinner in the central part.

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Import the site boundary. Make a slab with it thick enough to cover all of the morph. Do a SEO Union operation between that morph you show and the slab then convert to morph again.

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Making a morph of the terrain was not my idea, and performing only a SEO operation is also something I want to avoid as it just "hides" the original part of the mesh I want to remove.
Creating new midpoints I usually drag line by line to the closest outer point but you need to be careful not to delete useful points while doing that.
You can always remove points manually but sometimes it does not make sense.

I was just wondering if there is a faster way.

(This is the base for a chairlift, just to let you understand the dimension of the terrain)

Imported terrain is always in a convex shape (the computer doesn't know you dont' need some of the shapes....). But you already figured that out.

The easiest solution I think of would be using the magic wand!
You also need the site boundary. Split it in half, so you get two sides. Invert inside and outside (the polygon now contains everyting you don't want.
Select the mesh, get the PET palette and use the subtraction method. Now magic-wand your way!
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Ok, I got it.

Thanks both for the answer!! I will try all of them.

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