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large ifc files

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We have received ifc files from Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing structural, and interior design. Our architectural file is 30MB. When all the ifc files are combined the file size is 300+MB and we can't get ArchiCAD to open the file. Our deliverable is either Bentley or IFC. Ideally we would prefer ifc so any suggestions, work arounds maybe, that anyone has experienced in dealing with these large file sizes I would love to know!

Thank you!
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A perfect whitepaper for setting up Archicad with other consultant software to use IFC correctly....mmm.. that would be great... I wonder who might want to take up the initiative? :lol:
David Larrew
I have found that most IFC files are fairly large in size. This may eventually be worked-out once IFC becomes the "standard" file format. In the meantime, I have found that Solibri IFC Optimizer does a good job on optimizing most IFC files...
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David, thank you for the solibri lead. We have actually used that optimizer and it would go so far and then crash. We tried DDS optimizer as well as a Nemstchek optimizer, (I don't think I am spelling that right...) and it is with the Nemstchek optimizer that we've had the most success. We are able to get it from 300 to about 100MB but ArchiCAD still can't open it....

I agree on the whitepaper!
I would suggest not to bring all the files into one single AC file.

Another way to avoid laaarge files is to convert each IFC file into a PLN or a MOD file, and then Hotlink one by one to your Architectural or "Main" file.

In this way, in the future you can also replace or update the "others" files without repeating the process, only updating the hotlinks.

... my 2 cents.

P.S. Have you used profiled walls/beams/columns? did you experience problems with IFC translations of the profiles?

Nando Mogollon
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This is the process that we followed throughout the design phases of the project and everything worked great like you said. Now we have delivered our "Bentley Compatible" model to the client, and we are being told that the ifc model, doesn't contain any of the information that he needs. We see what he needs in AC after we have converted ifc's to mods but we are concerned that info is getting lost in that ifc translation, this is why we need to be able to view the ifc models together in a viewer, AC and Bentley.
Erika Epstein
What information is getting lost in the IFC translation?
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We were finally able to open the ifc file in Bentley. The BIM mgr that said info was getting lost was correct. We have worked with Bentley's tech support team to ensure that our process was correct and it ultimately comes down to Bentley not having as solid of an ifc converter as AC does or even as strong as Revits. In Bentley a door is recognized as a door.....and that is it. No dimensions, materiality, frame information, and certainly nothing more complicated then this.

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