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reducing zone area v19

Sasa Glagolic Ogorel
I'm calculating zones according to our principles and we have to calculate volume of the roof, but we shouldn't include the area.
so I'm kind of working around - zone is trimmed by SEO operations to the roof so the volume is correct, but, since I have to reduce area to 0, usually I was including the option Reduce by and set that to 100%
it worked until AC v19 where area isn't reduced even after updating.

I know about reducing area by zone preferences but I cannot include that because other zones would by reduced also (it's already set to reduce zones lower than 200cm by 100%)

any suggestions what to do?
except export that to xls and make the change there...
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Can you post a screenshot which show the Area Reduction panel of your Zone Settings Dialog, and another that shows the resulting info displayed in the Zone Stamp.
I am trying to figure out if this is a bug, because if the Area is not reduced, then it may be.
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Erwin Edel
We use different zones for the 'usable space' square meters and the 'gross volume' (and quantity take off). Might not be what you like, but it works quite fast.

You can use 2d linework as a zone boundary and we use that to communicate where the 1.500 mm and 2.600 mm heights, that are of interest in determining the 'usable space' according to our building regulations, are anyway.
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