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schedule mirror/flip objects or zones


so i have a big project with many hotlinks with nested modules. some are placed w original orientation. some are mirrored.

Is it possible to schedule and diferenciate the mirrored hotlinks(and schedules of the nested modules) from the not mirrored ones?

I am doing schedules with zones and objects.

thanks in advance.
ArchiCAD 23/24/25 with Win 10
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
When you place a Hotlink, you can specify a Master ID for it in the host file.
I would probably try to use this field to differentiate between mirrored and not mirrored hotlinks.
Even after placement, you can select Hotlinked Modules and modify this value.
And its value can be scheduled.

Actually, you cannot schedule hotlinked modules, only elements contained in them. I think there was already a wish about it in the past.
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Hey LaszloNagy,

Tks for your answer. Yeah, the master id trick works for the zones and I am using a trick you posted in another thread which is to add an object with an element id and schedule that object to get the quantities of hotlinks.

But if I have a module of a bathroom(not mirrored) inside an apartment and I mirror the apartment hotlink then the master id option doesn't work.

isn't there any hack that I can have the orientation of the hotlink or of the object as a schedule? has anyone suggested using for example a property?
ArchiCAD 23/24/25 with Win 10

back to this topic the master id its not an option for me.


I am using an text object with and ID to schedule the modules but need to be able to schedule if it is flipped or not 

is there no way to make a property to display the flip of an hotlink or object?

hotlink mirror.png



ArchiCAD 23/24/25 with Win 10