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schedule wrapping

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Somehow my previously fine window schedule items are not wrapping any more. The schedule is just running off the end of the layout sheet and I've forgotten how I got it to wrap in the first place..
Seems like I've looked at all the schedule scheme settings and the placed view settings and for some reason I'm not finding where I set it up in the first place.
It's late here and I'm stumped.
Any help much appreciated.

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Barry Kelly
In the pet palette for the schedule drawing on the layout you want to choose the option to "Restructure Table".
This will wrap the schedule to suit the width you choose.

If you go into the drawing settings there is also an option (in the "FRAME" section) there is also an option to "Split drawing among multiple layouts".
This will automatically create a new layout page for each time the schedule wraps.


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Thanks once again Barry!
I had gotten to the: "Split drawing among multiple layouts".
and of course text wrap, both not being what I was after.
I wasn't getting the pet pallet as I was not pressing on a corner node of the
placed drawing. duh on me.
Now I can shut the beast down and reset everything in the morning.
Take care.
Be safe out there.

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Although fixed for now....
I found out what causes it to loose it's wrap format.
If I make even a small change to some text in the schedules note field I have and perform an update, the placed schedule drawing looses it's wrap, AND is undo-able (without closing the file); AND the fore mentioned command to re wrap it ("Restructure Table") is NOT available at first.
Seems buggy to me, Maybe it's fixed in 15/16?
Or maybe I just don't understand the finer points.

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