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turn off autotext in the door schedule thingy?

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my employer is insisting i use the absolutely sh1te door scheduling thing within archicad, it has just taken me 2 hours to enter the info for 1 door (i could have done the whole schedule in excel, or on a drawing board the old fashioned way by now).

is there a way to turn off the autotext when typing the info into the boxes, it is driving me insane

i am using archicad 13

Laura Yanoviak
Don't enter data via the schedule -- select multiple doors and edit the listing parameters in the door settings dialog. I'm not sure what Autotext you're referring to.
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I think he may be referring to the fact that when you type parameters into the objects that if you type slowly or take focus away from the object parameter entry box before you're done that it will overwrite your typing with the previous value. It's very annoying, particularly when your looking at a hard copy while typing the information in as it often requires you to memorize the data to ensure you enter it before it's cleared.

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The scheduler works a charm once it's set up right.

Oh, if it is the time thing you are talking about on the text entry, you can increase the delay time in your work environment. I usually set it to 2.5 seconds.

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i have to type it into the schedule itself because the parameters within "properties" in the doors are not linked to the schedule properly.

whoever set the schedule up here did it very badly, it would take me a week to sort it out. having just started a new job (in the private sector), i dont have the luxury of being able to waste such time.

why dont archicad just set them properly by default?

where in work environment can i change the time setting? is it the one in dialogue boxes and pallettes?

also i need to add 3 things to the bottom of the list of the doors, anything i add it wont let me type anything into the fields.

why make it so difficult?

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i've worked out how to add fields to use custom text in, but its a bit long winded isnt it!

i must say, 90% of cad users i've worked with wouldnt be able to work things like that out.

just an observation

David Maudlin
percybigun wrote:
where in work environment can i change the time setting? is it the one in dialogue boxes and pallettes?
Work Environment > User Preference Schemes > Dialog Boxes and Palettes

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OK i've now got my head around the scheduling and am doing it much quicker.

my next problem is the window/door elevs/plans within the schedule.

i clicked on "annotate" on the elevation, and added some notes, dims and other lines.

the info i added has now all disappeared, from every window and door.

is this data lost forever?

it is a large archicad 13 teamwork file i am working on.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I have had this problem myself.
You should report it as a bug.
I am afraid that data is gone.
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Erika Epstein
laszlonagy wrote:
I am afraid that data is gone.
That is a very nasty bug
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