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Automatic Live Load Generation

Table of Content Zones can be used for much moreDerive imposed loadsWhich zones generate live loads?1. Check the architectural model2. Check Zone Classifications3. Check Load CategoriesAdjust Load Categories inside ArchicadAdjust Load Categories outs...

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Export Component-Level Data to IFC

Export customized data for individual components in IFC format In earlier versions of Archicad, we couldn’t export customized data for individual components (not just elements as a whole) in IFC format, so component-level quantity reports required wo...

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Faster Export to FRILO

Frequently exporting SAF files to FRILO can be time consuming Structural engineers who use FRILO are currently spending quite some time exporting SAF files by selecting a save location and setting the path for export each time, which interrupts the w...

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SAF Translator Improvements

Adjusting SAF Translator settings Currently, structural engineers can create and adjust structural analytical models in Archicad and eventually export them to the structural analysis software via SAF translators. However, in earlier versions of Archi...

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Support of Multi-Segmented Columns and Beams

Graphisoft has focused on further streamlining multi-disciplinary design workflows. Archicad 26 enhances the collaboration between structural engineers and architects with important structural analytical workflow improvements. Structural elements wit...

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Morphs Exported as IfcSpace

Compliance with the German BIM modeling guidelines In general, during certain workflows, it is necessary to model rooms with the Morph Tool in addition to the Zone Tool. In addition to this modeling method, the new German BIM modeling guidelines requ...

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Tekla Project Base File for the Structural Team

Note: This article was originally published on AsiaBIM and was written for Archicad 19 mainly for architects working on the Singaporean market.This post is a follow-up of previous post Project Base Files for Coordination. In case the Structural team ...

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