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2D symbol of objects

Most of our AC clients and students use free gdl objects downloaded from Archibase portal ( Usually the objects from this portal are created as 3ds and saved as gdl. The problem is that 2D symbol of such objects shows all ridges of triangles. The floor plan of the building with such objects looks terribly...

Question - is it possible to correct 2D symbol, i.e. remove redundant lines from such objects. Attached is a bath gdl object from Archibase portal and jpg picture, which I made to show its 2D symbol and 3D view.

When you create own gdl object with ArchiCAD using File > Libraries and Objects > Save 3D Model as command, you can open the object (Ctrl+Shift+O) and correct 2D Symbol according to your needs (remove redundant or draw additional lines). However when you open (Ctrl+Shift+O) the object from Archibase portal, 2D Symbol window is empty...

Thank you in advance for any help!
Dalius Regelskis
AC user since 6.0

Attached is a jpg picture which shows 2D symbol and 3D view.
Dalius Regelskis
AC user since 6.0

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Of course you can clean 2D symbol of library part. Usually I copy of 2D full view to clipboard, clean the 2D script, then paste view from clipboard to 2d symbol window, clean and save.
Another way is modifying 3D and 2D scripts.

Dalius wrote:
Attached is a jpg picture which shows 2D symbol and 3D view.
Hi Dalius,

Pawel's pointed you in the right direction - just remember not to confuse 2D symbol with 2D script. In the picture that you've attached, it's not the 2D symbol you're showing us but the 2D view which is generated by the 2D script.

Hope I haven't confused you further...

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I think the procedure should go something like this:
1. Open the library part
2. Go to the 2D Full View window, Select All, Copy
3. Go to the 2D Symbol window, paste (this will put the 2D symbol in the correct location for the 3D model)
4. All the lines and hotspots come in on fragment 1 (like a layer), you may want to change the line fragment assignment so the lines can be more easily selected later for deletion.
5. Use the 2D tools to draw the symbol on a different fragment, using the copied lines as a guide, leave the hotspots (or add/delete hotspots as desired)
6. Select the copied lines and delete
7. Go to the 2D Script, select all, and under the Edit menu, select Comment, this will add a "!" before each line of the script so it is not read, but preserves the code
8. Save or Save As the library part

You should now have a library part with the drawn symbol in the correct location and the original 3D model. The 2D Script for this part is 2000 + lines of code, so I don't think editing the code is practical.


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GREAT!!! Thank you all guys for your prompt and comprehensive responses!
Dalius Regelskis
AC user since 6.0


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