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3D Text In Section?

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Hi all,
I am wanting to create an object which reads a room name from floor plan into the cross section/
ie. if i put a label into the floor plan eg ' Meeting Room'. then cut a cross section through that space there will be the equivalent text in the section, no matter which way the section is cut. (left - right, up - down, diagonally)

any suggestions for doing this?

obviously the 3D text?

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I have been thinking about something like this for some time.

I made two objects. One you can place in the zone, which reads the zone. When the zonename changes this object must be opened and closed again to receive a new zonename.
The second object is a label, which labels the first object in the section and reads the parameter of the object.

You might want to test it, cause it is still under construction. Give your remarks so I can improve it.

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im not sure how these objects work, can you give some more instructions please?

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1 Place Section zonelabel object in the floorplan.
-note that is an invisible circle in the floorplan
2 Set the size, font and scale to the text you are going to use in the section
3 Go to the section
4 Set the label default for objects to the Section zone label
5 Label the object in the section with this label.
6 adjust the position of the label

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I didn't test it, but as you described, it should work.

Brilliant concept Master Script!

Erika Epstein
I did try it and it works.
What I can't do is have your Zone object not appear in the section but its label to appear.
How are you intending to deal with the object being visible in the sections?
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This is pretty close,
However some changes / improvements / variations? perhaps being able to hide the 'object' in the section.

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Something you do not see in a section cannot have a label. So I have to make it visible (only in sections) with a cylinder. In a section that is a rectangle (if you do not cut it with your section). But when you label it, the text can be placed within this rectangle, so the cylinder acts like a frame for the text.

I can make the cylinder a wire or solid model, depending on what you want: transparant or opaque background.
Also I want to have to position right the first time, which I now know how to do.

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I think that you have to cut the section through the actual object is a little frustrating,

perhaps this doesnt need to be related to a zone?

I have created an object to quickly dimension a room where i just have a stretchy rectangle box where i can stretch the box to the corners of a room. this updates the dimensions (which are also moveable. I want to improve this to include a Room Label & also the area.
all plan properties parametric to be visible or not.

the only negative is it doesnt automatically update if a room increases or decreases. if we could make the object fixed to the whole zone then that would be great!

The room label will be read from Glob_ID. / user ID making it quick to adjust.

perhaps your object could do something similar?

this way the object / label stretches the entire space of the room.

perhaps the cylinder could be a tiny line anchor?

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Actually you don't want to cut the cylindric Section zone label object.
As I said, in order to have a label attached, it must visible.

You can have the cylinder attached to your dimension object, the label can than read the GLOB_ID more easily.

The zone-relations request does not read the glob Id of the zone.

I did see the room-dimension also here, you migth want to post a wish about it, because I don't know how to make it.

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