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ArchiCAD 25 in one week?

Have found on one dealer web-site, that ArchiCAD 25 will be announced 7'th on June?

I think GS Denmark has the Launch Party set on the of July.
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No, it was on one Russian web-site, saying that 7-8th of June Graphisoft will announce ArchiCAD 25.

Podolsky wrote:
No, it was on one Russian web-site, saying that 7-8th of June Graphisoft will announce ArchiCAD 25.
Google translator tells me it reads 7th of july for the english version and 27th of july for the russian one. On june 15th the licenses will be updated. Maybe it´s been corrected?
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Graphisoft Denmark has posted July 7 for the launch.
If its going to be June 7 they won't get time to buy enough beer (Heinneken please ) and wine (I suggest Alvarinho ).
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Most likely it's June 7th to announce the new version and then about a month later in July 7th its' the actual release.
Like they've always done.

Don't forget that 'Announcement' and 'Release' are not the same thing.

Announcement us just a PR thing where they let you know that it's coming (and when), and what new features there are (if any) along with (I believe) Beta-testers being released from their NDA's to finally be able to talk about the new version and their experience using it and answer questions (my timeline on that last one may be off)

In between those two dates the licenses for subscription are upgraded and updated to be ready for the new version when its release in a window during which you don't get charged (for SSA subscription folks) and after which you get charged the full upgrade fee.

At least that's my understanding of how the process is supposed to work,

P.S. - Of course, it behooves mentioning that all this could be wrong since it's predicated on information gleaned from a Russian reseller's website (who themselves may have jumped the gun with that announcement) and not from the actual horse's mouth (Graphisoft) itself.

So taking it all with a giant heaping helping of Sodium Chloride.

Hope Archicad 25 release is better than what Revit 2022 showed this time, which save for some publishing upgrades and the generative design thing, it wasnt much to begin with

Don't have high expectations 😉
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TMA_80 wrote:
Don't have high expectations 😉
Always the best advice with new ArchiCAD releases.

(P.S. - Not a beta-tester myself, and I have no special knowledge.
Just speaking from experience and many many many scars).

Chris Phillips
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Zero expectations = infinite happiness?

@ jl_lt:
EPS=0.000001 an then:

Use "EPS" to avoid #DIVzero. :--)
With best regards

I just found this :

'*Join us for this year's Archicad 25 Launch Event.* -Thu, Jul 8, 2021 4:00 AM - 5:30 AM CEST

"We're looking forward to seeing you at our live online event where we present our highlights of Archicad 25 and review the year that's been.
This year we also welcome industry experts along with product managers from both GRAPHISOFT and Central Innovation for a live Q&A.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
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