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Cloud ArchiCAD

Is something like a Cloud ArchiCAD in development, where ArchiCAD is delivered over the Internet via a Software as a Service (SAAS) model?

Making use of cloud computing, with compute-intensive processing and rendering performed on Internet-based servers, and users are able to interact with the system via a web browser or the iOS and Android apps

I see quite a few of Autodesk applications done this way, bar Revit. Other apps like Onshape are really great apps in the cloud.

Is something like this happening for ArchiCAD?
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If I remember correctly, with the launch on an earlier version of ArchiCad, there was a demo version available " in the cloud", I'll not be surprised if it will be the next move for ArchiCad...
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Sounds like that would up the annual fee on your software, when you're also paying for those servers to be kept up and running.

I'd be more interested in an easier way of accessing your archicad key from multiple machines through internet when running a software license on network.

That way the hardware investments needed stays on your end and the 'cloud' solution is something you opt in on.
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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It might be a solution for the visualisation side. I come up with a similar idea when I watched the review of Google Stadia.
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I did investigate using Amazon or Microsoft Azure virtual workstations as you can ramp up the processing cores and RAM if you need some ‘heavy lifting’ for a short period, value proposition was just not there for me
Scott Boyd-Turner
HP ZBook Studio 15: i7-6820 ,16Gb, 1000Gb SSD, Quadro M1000, Win10 Pro

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