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Creating a path following terrain but off ground

Haneef Tayob
There's an article in ArchiWiki that indicates how to create a path using SEO on a slab and mesh tool.
I've taken it further to create a path that is raised off the ground but still follows the contours.
1. Draw a slab to indicate your path on the mesh.
2. Slab as target, mesh as operator, use the intersect SEO operation. The top of the slab will now follow the slope of the mesh, although it will be in the same plane as the mesh.
3. If you want the path to be above the ground, save the slab as an object.
4. Place the object on the plan, align it with the path and adjust it's elevation.
5. If you change the path, you simple select the revised slab again and overwrite the object.

You now have a path that is proud of the mesh

original ArchiWiki article:
Haneef Tayob
Aziz Tayob Architects
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Eduardo Rolon
Alternative for step 3:

Make a copy of the Mesh and raise it and the slab the amount you need above the original terrain.
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
Another of the forum moderators.
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