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Custom GDL objects for FREE

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Each month Master Script will make a customized ArchiCAD object completely free of charge! You can send in your request and each month one of them will be developed by Master Script.
The ArchiCAD object will be available on the website and it will be posted on the Object-Depository of Archi-Talk.

Send your request via the contact form ( State clearly what the object should do and how the representation should be in different views.
Leave your e-mail address for any communications about the object.
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Here another example what you can do with the Label Multileader object.

Dennis Lee
Master Script,

Sorry I was busy due to a deadline, so I didn't have a chance to look at the object until now. I believe it's very nice indeed. The way to place additional arrows are very interesting, and it works very well.

One thing that could make it easier to use though, would be to make the default placement method to be similar to the text label process. First click - start of arrow head - Second click - middle of leader, Third click - end of leader / start of text box (Finish placing the object). Also, it would help if the default position of the text box was vertical center of the first line of the text.

The only other improvement that I guess would be to be able to just double click and edit the text from whatever view, instead of editing the text from the object properties. I know this is probably a limitation by the fact that it is an object, and not a tool.

Great object overall though, and with few adjustments, I think it could be a replacement for all of the text labels.
ArchiCAD 25 & 24 USA
Windows 10 x64
Since ArchiCAD 9

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Now it is an object, but I can make a label. However there are limitations to using the label-object. The type of arrow or leader cannot be extracted to place the label, the textinput method of a label is only available when you draw a simple text-label. Objects can be listed in a schedule, labels cannot. Do you still want it to be (also) a label?

The default position half of the first line, I can make a new feature of it.

I will invite anyone else to place new requests for next months' Custom GDL objects for FREE here or send an e-mail via the Label Everything/Label Multileader user interface or via a private message.

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Hi Dennis,

I have tried to modify the object to be a label, but it couldn't be done. When you place a regular label you must have the option 'use symbol arrow' off. But then everything that is drawn in the label is drawn from the startpoint, so the endpoint of the label leader is not the starting point of the text anymore.. If you put 'use symbol arrow' on, there is no more option to adjust the curve of the leader, because the hotspots are interfering.

So the object remains the way to do it. I did made the Custom top and Custom bottom variable so you can set this parameter to your own default value.

I do invite anyone else to place new requests for this months' Custom GDL objects for FREE here or send an e-mail via the Label Everything/Label Multileader user interface or via a private message.
The deadline of March is prosponed to the end of this week.

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Hi Everybody,

The request for March is done by Roelofs Architects from the Netherlands. She requested this directly by email so she won't be joining us on the forum. I will keep you posted though.
Her request is a particular suspending lighting fixture by manufacturer Philips which is used by Roelofs in her latest project.

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Is the shipping container for Archaicad 13 availabl yet

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The shipping container for ArchiCAD 13 in in the zip-file which you can download here.

When you unzip it, you will get a lcf-file (Library Container File) which all holds all necessary elements (gsm-files/images/macros/library globals). This lcf file can be loaded with the library manager the same as any other libraries.

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Many thanks for a really great shipping container
Well done

yes thanks "master script" havn't seen it there before ...and thanks for your generosity.
AC12_20 |Win10_64bit|

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The hanging lamp is ready and to be downloaded in the object depository or on my new website

The hanging lamp by Philips has specific dimensions. For use with the Lamp-tool with full lampsettings.

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And of course the request for April is open, please post your wish for next months' Custom GDL objects for FREE on this post, send an e-mail via any object of mine via the user interface, via a private message or via my website.

[edit: link removed]

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Tne link below does not work.
8:13pm PST.

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I have finished a new free custom object for the month of april. I have not communicated about it, because I have been busy with my website Also, as quiet as it is here on this topic, so little requests I get for free objects. I think everybody is satisfied with the standard library?
Anyway, I decided to create a modification to an existing object that needed just a little tweak to improve its use. I have modified the Built-in Detail Marker and added 2 options: Marker Polygon Horizontal Line and Vertical Line. When these options are chosen it draws -as the name suggest- only a single line instead of a rectangle. This feature is especially for Linked Markers. Now you can draw this line in an elevation and link simply to another detail. I hope you like it, download it here.

And of course the request for May is open, please post your wish for next months' Custom GDL objects for FREE on this post, send an e-mail via any object of mine via the user interface, via a private message or via my website.

Please check out my website for more free objects or other products, such as Auto Notes, Custom Section/elevation Markers, Automatic Story Level Dimension or Rack of Clothes.

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My gdl object request is simple I wish for a gas oven with burners.
The gas oven provided with the program (archicad 12) is good in 3d but in plan view
is really unappealing. Could you modify this library part so it looks with the same options as in 3d? could you do the same for an electric oven?

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Hi Masterscript,

Great detail marker!

About wishes...

How about a road drain object that suits with ArchiCURB?


Road Drain.jpg

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I am sorry Paulo, you have had your turn (sea container).
Besides, I know, being the creator of ArchiCURB, I think you would do a good job yourself


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Hey! I didn't know about this one whish per person rule...

Well... at least I tried...

Maybe I'm out of the topic, but, one of my old time wishes was a full customizable object for a door.
Design your own frame, your own door panel...

I would buy one of those...
Why don't you try it? you can release a shareware version with limited capabilities, and sell the full version.

Nando Mogollon
Director @ BuilDigital
Using, Archicad Latest AU and INT. Revit Latest (have to keep comparing notes)
More and more... IFC.js, IFCOpenShell
All things Solibri and BIMCollab

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Are you familiar with "DIY Door" in Objects on Line ?
This may be what you are looking for.
Peter Devlin

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Hi NandoMogollon,

Ofcourse it is possible, but there are alternatives enough out there like Cadimage Door and Window Builder or the Modular joinery. But an obect will always be limited, it is better to create doors & windows yourself! Take a look at this tutorial I have written:
tutorial Doors & Windows

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