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Different Floor Floor Plan settings on the same object?

[attachment=0]Plan view.jpg[/attachment]

Is it possible to assign different FPS on the same object, based on whatever view I display?

This is my problem: In the picture below, the beams is displayed with outlines. I want to put that view, looking like that, to a sheet. So far, so good.

But on a second sheet, I want to draw the construction itself with outlines, and display the beams as Projected. The problem is, that when I change the object settings they affect both sheets.

Basically, I want to change the FPS on the second sheet to the opposit of the first sheet.

Working with different models is not an option, as a change in *one* model will require similar changes in every model....


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Have you tried making a Graphic Override to achieve this and activating only in that specific view ?

Show on Stories: All Relevant Stories
Floor Plan Display: Projected with Overhead

Then just make sure that your Relative Floor Plan Range includes the beams on both stories / cut heights? Floor Plan Cut Plane is view specific.
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