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GLOB_CONTEXT in interactive schedule

F_ Beister
I try to add a symbol view of an object in the interactive shedule. But it has to be different (more simple) than in floor plan.
I don't find a way to separate the runnings of the script for floor plan and for interactive schedule.

In 2D-Script GLOB_CONTEXT and GOB_SCRIPT_TYPE are always 2. In 3D-Script they are in the shedule 5 - in 3D-window 3.

I don't know why. Is this a double bug? Does it nor make a sense to differ between this environments / contexts?

P.S. I have tried a few other GLOBALs to find a third bug to use as characteristic. No success.

Miquel Garcia
I have exactly the same problem. I can control different appearances for 3D views and Section/Elevation windows with GLOB_CONTEXT=3 and GLOB_CONTEXT=4 in the 3D Script but I'm not able to use any other index.

I want opening lines for my own doors in the Schedule, but not on elevations, the workaround for me is:

IF Glob_Context<>3 OR Glob_Context<>4 THEN …

I hope this can help you. Anyone knows a better way to do it?
Capella & Garcia Arquitectura
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F_ Beister
There is a bug in the interactive shedules. Maybe this here is another effect according to this bug. This information I got from GS. They have it in the track, but I don't know, when they fix it.

I solved it by a 3d side projection which I control by IF GLOB_CONTEXT=5. Unfortionatly TEXT does not work in shedules. So I had to use a vector font.

I think anytime GLOB_CONTEXT will return 6 and all will be good. 😉

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