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Hiding molding

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So I made a complex profile wall that has moldings, I was wondering if it's possible to hide it on my floor plan view, because it makes things look really messy. What's the best way to achieve this?

Hide the layer were it's in.
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Um... it's a complex profile wall, meaning it's in one piece, the molding and the wall are not separated. If I hide the molding the wall will be gone too.

Ah, I see.
Make the molding seperate from the wall?
Architectural construction designer, draftsman, modeller
ArchiCAD 24.

This is one of the problems with complex walls.

I believe the 'recommended' solution is to set it's Floor Plan Display to Cut Only, but it's really not the best solution as it uses the cut plane which is uniform for the entire view. May work in your case though?

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Thanks guys. The only reason I chose to use complex profile wall for the moldings in the first place is because I hate having to create extra objects/morphs for each wall. I'm aware of the "Moldings and Panels" tool in the ArchiCAD Accessories, but the problem with that are the poor intersections and lack of height adjustment.

I'm going to go with the Cut Plane option, it seems plausible in my situation. Again thanks a lot

Play with floorplan cutplane settings to display up to a height where you do not see the element you don't want to see.

I would still use different layer (and as result seperate profile) for interior trim.
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