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How to create new windows

David Pacifico
I had posted this on the old ac-talk, maybe it will help. Gets to the WallHole idea that Ben hinted at.

Total Custom Window Tutorial
Want to create your own total custom windows? Round tops, sloped head, or sill etc. Creating your own custom windows in AC 8 is easier than before:

1. Draw or build the custom window with slabs, walls and other tools so that the window is face down on the ground. Be sure to use a single slab for the glass that will also act as the WallHole. (So have it go through the Mullions to the jamb.) Build the window so the center of it is the project zero.

2. Select your creation and activate the 3D window (no need to go 3D window settings)

3. Chose File/GDL Ojbects/Save 3D Model as (Name it and place it in a project specific library) The file type is .gsm (no more .win or .dor)

4. A dialog box will come up with 3 buttons at the top. Select the middle button for a window, check remove redundant lines and choose format as editable gdl script.

5. Draw a wall and place your new window in it.

6. Now if your window has a non-square WallHole we will need to select the window and choose File/GDL Ojbects/Open Object. (Don't be afraid we just need to copy and paste some GDL)

7. Click on the 3D Script button. Scroll down until you see the script that is your single slab that you used to make the glass. Select and Copy the script that starts with cPRISM_ "Glass", "Glass", "Glass" and ends with BODY -1. (all the stuff between is the coordinates we will be using for the WallHole)

8. Scroll down to the end of the script and paste. Delete the first pasted line that likely looks like:
cPRISM_ "Glass", "Glass", "Glass",
Type in front of the next line type WALLHOLE. (This cuts the wall for the window. Click the button Check Script.

9. Save the object and Rebuild. Extra Credit: If you want to make it a corner window change the object Subtype by opening the object and clicking on the "select subtype" button in the main window and choosing the corner window subtype. Hope this helps.

David Pacifico, RA
AC22 27", iMac i7, 32 gig Ram, 4 gig video Ram Build on our experience

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