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How to make Single Hung open from the top?

I am trying to make a window which is Single Hung with the operating window being the top rather than the bottom, I cant seem to find an option for a Mirrored Single Hung window in the sash settings and cant find anything which would suggest I can swap?

Picture shows how it is, I need the top panel to be the operating one and not the bottom.

Any help would be appreciated

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ArchiCAD library does not have single hung window openable from the top only. Maybe because it's not common.
But you can use double hung window. You can open it from top if you need to show it in 3D and in drawing the only element that needs to be hidden - it's an arrow, pointing down.
Simple hack - hide the arrow with white fill on your drawings.
Not the best solution, but quick.

Another solution - you can try to find original manufacturer product on

Finally you can model your own sashes and use "custom sash" option.

Infinite Openings can do it:
Plus everything else and a whole lot more... I know that sentence doesn't make sense but if you knew Infinite Openings you would understand.
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