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Window/Door Width

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I'm playing with new deconstruct components. I have a pretty simple question. How can I get width/height and all the other gdl parameters?

I was trying to pass it as IFC prop - but they not supported by AC connection- as far as I have noticed
I was also trying to use them as GLD objects without result.
I'm thinking about passing them as IFC model. But this seems quite a nasty workaround.

Daniel Kovacs

The Grasshopper Connection tool is under constant development, but as you can see it is not quite finished yet. You can deconstruct windows/doors now, but because of the current limitation of modifying GDL parameters through grasshopper, none of the parameters (including height and width) can be extracted. This is a limitation we are working on solving.

If you find a workaround to do this, please share, it would be good to know. (Maybe in the AC22 version you will be able to do something like this with the interactive parameters?)

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

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theoretically, it should be possible to export the properties from a schedule to excel file and then map it with objects selected from grasshopper using GUID.
Grasshopper has excel readers, for example Nathan Millers, Lunchbox

I'll try to demonstrate this when I have some time...

It worked as expected.
Any archiCAD property could be read this way.

In the inverse workflow direction, one could overwrite excel file from grasshopper, and update Archicad geometry with the modified properties.

attached exercise files.
I used TTtoolbox for reading excel files from GH

more pic

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I did some test and what I achieve is extracting IFC properties from a model of doors. I will post some screens later. I used GGym for IFC import and compared it with AC_Doors referenced with AC_Conncetion. I have used closest point since and it worked fine. However, it involves some operations on brep and the closest point to sort data.

Therefore lecta workflow seems much better Idea Still a bit manual but always lighter than IFC export. I actually was thinking about taking GUID somehow but I didn't come with a solution Thanks.

dkovacs - I'm not so familiar with AC SDK but I thought reading data is not such a problem. Anyway good to know that you are working on it. I actually have at the back of my mind need to get more into AC SDK since there is a lot to do to improve AC

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As promised. Scr of my script and some conclusion.

Basically, input is IFC file with doors only (scr with Input). First 4 blocks are IFC import and sorting out the doors (not empty openings) using Geometry Gym.
I have noticed that exported IFC imports in mm and rotated to true north of the file. It would be good to be able to read those transformations with AC Connection. Anyway depends for case files needs to be fit together.

Since I didn't use GUID I had to match doors form both sources. I have used ClosestPoint for it.

AC_Doors - Blue
IFC Openings - Magenta wire box
Dimensions - Black

Works quite fine. Of course, IFC has to be well exported, resized and oriented to AC model. Those are the reason I like Exel based workflow much more. I will give it a try.

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hm... I'm not sure what happened but both TT and LBox readers don't work on RH5 anymore.

I have switch to CSV as main source of data.

Anyway works perfect. I did some minor changes and get rid of some componets by using Split component.

Once again thx a lot leceta.


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