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removing shadows from mesh only


Hi all, 


I'm wondering if there is a way to remove shadows from one particular object in the model. The mesh is what i'm speicifily trying to turn the shadow off on. 


I like the shadow look on the 2d elevation but i'm using the mesh to model the natural ground lines. So the mesh often ends up above the 0 level (bottom of slab). I've done a quick demo and just lifted the flat mesh up so you can get a visual of what i'm talking about. 


Kevin Lee

Not a fan of dupe elements but you could turn your mesh into a morph and control the shadow. 

(recommend keep the original mesh on a seperate)



Thanks Kevin, that's not a bad solution... i do agree with you - would rather not have the double up but a very good idea. 


Again doubling up, but I would probably just draw lines to represent natural ground (you can trace over the mesh then turn the mesh layer off).


Or can your mesh be a glass or transparent material?

Transparent materials don't cast shadows.

Will that affect other views?



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I don't think drawing a line is any better solution than dupe elements 😩 both options are classic Archicad bandage solutions.


The Minimum Effective Dose. Whatever is easy for you would be the right solution.  the real question is, why can't we control any model elements with the shadow on/off option. (like morph and objects)

i was actually just drawing the line as per above hhahaha. It seemed like one of the easier ways to move forward. Thankfully the natural ground doesn't change. 

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