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Archicad 27 devkits are available to download

Hello kind folks, The development kits for Archicad 27 have just been published on the API site , so go and grab them while they are fresh! The most important changes from Archicad 26: many API functi...


Discover the new and improved Developer Hub!

Dear Developer Hub members, We are excited to present the updated Developer Hub! What’s new? Check it out. The latest version of the Hub includes new boards and a news channel that will enhance your u...


Getting started with Archicad Add-Ons

Archicad Add-On Basics The programming language of Archicad Add-Ons is C++, so you have to be familiar with this language to start. Archicad is extensible in several ways: by creating new menu command...


Useful guides to start your first GDL development

GDL is the abbreviation of Geometric Description Language, a functional programming language based on BASIC. It was created to encourage architects to build their own geometric objects in Archicad, ex...